Music is an ongoing spiritual research.


release on SLAM - 26 July 2019.

Nikolas Skordas, sop & tenor saxes, tarogato, traditional flutes.

George Haslam, tarogato, alto sax, zither.

With guest Sophia Koroxenou, voice tracks 8 & 10. 

Music has the strength to act upon the soul, re-establishing  its innocence and long forgotten wisdom … “Lethe”- oblivion in our lives, like music, might be the proper preparation for the Exodus. (Nikolas Skordas)
One of the benefits of running a CD label has been the opportunities to meet.and sometimes work with interesting musicians – for me this has included Stefano Pastor, Szilard Mezei, Mal Waldron, Borah Bergman, the Greek trio Outward Bound, many friends in Argentina and, more recently Steve Cohn and eminent Greek composer and reedsman Nikolas Skordas. Nikolas recorded 2 previous CDs on SLAM, duos with Alex Maguire and Alexandros Aivaliotis. I went to visit him in Thessaloniki, December 2018 where we played a few gigs  had a workshop and also in Athens.  I took my tarogato, also various sax mouthpieces and zither, ( It was my first outing with zither, I have experimented with sounds, I like the natural acoustic feeling) and he played soprano and tenor saxes and various ethnic flutes, bagpipes etc…We recorded a session in Shellac Recording Studios Thessaloniki, with vocalist and byzantine psalt singer, Sophia Koroxenou, who had made the tour possible and also joined us surprisingly on the last minute  in the studio .

The music of course is improvised. George Haslam