shakuhachi : Alexandros Aibaliotis soprano sax tarogato: Nikolas Skordas

The musical interaction between the mellow, inner, simple sound of the Japanese vertical flute, the shakuhachi, and the sharp, but also sweet sound of the soprano saxophone, the most wildcat of the sax family, creates an untold journey to unconventional places and times of the human experience.
Regarding the name of the duet, we underline the multidimensional meaning of the word “on”, (Greek: sentient being), the human entity, the concept of “is-be”, inside us. The same phonetic sequence “on”, in Japanese stands for “sound” (jap: 音), as the original form of the frequency creation through air. The above ideogram consists of two others, meaning “stand up” and “sun”, as “the rising of the light”.
Those two denotations present the concept of sound as something vivid, fresh and authentic, beyond the boundaries of common knowledge and views about music.
East and west, together present a new musical proposal through a rare duet!
On the one hand, we have the soprano sax, an instrument capable to produce different voices, hard to play, weird and inexplicably indomitable but beautiful, a tool that requires full commitment and patience.
On the other hand, the old meditation tool of ancient Japan, a root end bamboo made flute with only five holes, one of the hardest traditional flutes to master, vibrates the atmosphere in a unique way, imitating even the human voice and producing sounds from the depth of the human existence. Listen!