Born and raised in Athens. I was dedicated for many years to the so-called "Tropical" music, knowing and exploring the tradition and organs of the Mediterranean as well as the wider region of the East, such as Sitar of India ... traditional violin,
the traditional clarinet the flutes of traditional and Byzantine music...and i have taked lessons for Greece bagpipe traditional music..the love for improvisation led me to  jazz music scene.special now to free jazz and avant grand improvise music

I have studied the Jazz Soprano Saxophone and attended the whole course of the department of Jazz Music at “Athenaeum conservatory…” of Athens. I was taught for a decade by Mr.Silvios Syrros, professor and head of the department.

Moreover, I hold the degree of harmony and classical music of “Hellenicon” Marousi Conservatory in Athens, where the director of studies was Mrs. Konstantina Seretaki. I have also attended courses of contemporary jazz instrumentation at the “Contemporary Conservatory of Thessaloniki” with Mr. Manolis Sideridis being the director of studies.

I have taken part in many workshops and seminars about the Free Improvisation and Jazz Music like (Gianni Mmimmo,Gianni lenoci,Markus stockhausen,)and I have been tutored the saxophone by renowned musicians, such as Antoine Roney (tenor saxophone, New Jersey), Mark Mommas (tenor saxophone, New York), Nat Birchall (tenor saxophone soprano saxophone England),David Angol(tenor saxophone soprano saxophone, England)… Albert Bager (tenor sax soprano sax from israel).

In my music record journey, the first step was my participation in Harris Lamprakis Quarter ’ album “Meteora”

Now in Duo's with

Alex Maquire piano -Nikolas soprano sax

Stephanos Chytiris drums - Nikolas Skordas soprano sax duo

first cd  will be released somewhere on 2019_20

Nikolas skordas soprano sax tenor sax - Αlex Αibaliotis - shakuhachi  duo

first cd  will be released somewhere on Christmas 2018-19 The disc will be released by the record company

Alex Maguire piano and Nikolas Skordas saxophones duet at 22-23-11-16. Recording of the new album called "Ships and shepherds"Alex Maguire and Nikolas Skordas Duo Alex Maguire: piano, Nikolas Skordas: tenor and soprano saxophones, gaida (bagpipe), tarogato, flutes, bells, whistles. Special guests: Don Stavrinos: trumpet, flugelhorn & Stathis Diamantidis: double bass. The Maguire/Skordas duo came out of a chance meeting at a gig when Alex was playing in Athens, April 2016. Later the same year Alex returned to Greece to explore possibilities of the duo; this CD, recorded live in Athens, is testament to its success.The disc will be released by the record company in 19 May 2017
Being an active member of the free jazz Improvised Music scene in Athens and Thessaloniki, played with several notable free jazz groups,and i have performed at the many festivals all around  the area like  7th Greek Jazz Panorama festival 2017 jazz Athens festival -jazz festival volos- jazz festival pilio- jazz festival rematia Athens -Κ.Ο.Θ undergroud thessaloniki-theatro empros festval athens...and many others festivals at Creative Improvised Music in the city . Always working on new sounds, and preparing new ideas and music collaborations, which will soon make their appearance.

I'm also musical producer at “Entropia” radio station, broadcasting the radio show called Paths , since 2015. In this show the auditors can listen to music tracts such as…”free” improvisation music.. from all over the world, from “all the periods of time"

photo: sophia