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My dear FRIENDS.... I have the blissful joy, to present you my first disco-graphical task in music.
The above ALBUM is called " SHIPS AND SHEPHERDS "
" Beauty is mysterious
as well as terrible.
God and the devil fighting there
and the battlefield is the heart of man"
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
This album means for me the ingenious , the plainness- artlessness , the unaffected unsophisticated... means which invasive the ethos manner.
It has to do with how real you want to be to yourself and to the others as continuity , so that the colors of your soul became sound...
It is a double album, a duet with the exceptional pianist Alex Maguire Alex Maguire. The cd will be released soon May 19 . I want to thank Antonios stavrinos  Døn Stavrinos(trumpet) and Stathis Diamantidis (contrabass) for their participation in a my composition, the song , called "Labyrinth" ...was one of the most beautiful moments creatively ...

I would also like to thank all those unsung friends who helped and supported to achieve ... and these professionals who worked on the disc as the photographer Dimitrios Giannoulakis  Dimitris Giannoulakis the Dimitrios Karpouzas  Dimitris Karpouzas for recording in Lizard Sound ... for the sound John Gkargkalakos as well the Kontsantinos Fragkopoulos Konstantiinos Fragkopoulos from Shellac Recordings studio for the mix -mastering and also graphic designer Constantino Miari disc editing ... special finally thank to my wife Sophia for the cover photos all his invaluable contribution!!!
The free improvisation is the beauty of this album, the compositions {either my own or Alex's } the are only melodic skeletons... there are also pieces that were born at that time as the "Athos", "Olympos" ...
Without, rehearsals and without any preparation , recorded within eight hours, LIVE!!! released soon May 19 from SLAM PRODUCTIONS SPECIAL THANKS TO MR George Haslam  George Haslam!!!
Enjoy it...…