Transplants Andlia – 29 November

Transplants Andlia – 29 November

On 音 – shakuhachi and saxophone duet
Αλέξανδρος Αϊβαλιώτης: Shakuhachi flute
Nικολας Σκορδας: σαξόφωνα Nikolas Skordas Soprano Sax

音. ON. The word for “sound” in japanese. This kanji consists of two kanji together: the upper means “stand up” and the lower one means “sun”…
“When the nightingale hidden in the pine … pine sings!”

-Reggetiko Project & Friends Reggetiko Proj

Project Reggetiko is a musical meeting between people with very different creative roots, who share the same love for creative improvisation and direct musical interaction. The result is an experimental, collective form of expression that treats music and improvisation as a way of communication between people.

-Rekta ,τζουρας και live electronics
Little is known…. Ασκ Adam Siagas

Jamming and open mics
Και να σου πω και κάτι; Nik Tourbis Thomas Kostoulas plus ++

02:00 ++
after party